Welcome to the Homepage of the Data Systems Research Group at University of Tartu.

The Data Systems Group (DSG) at the University of Tartu was founded by Prof. Sherif Sakr in 2018. As of October 2020, the group is led by Prof. Ahmed Awad.

The group conducts research and teaching that covers various aspects of the data management field (e.g., structured data, semi-structured data, graph data streaming data) with an emphasis on scalability mechanisms that effectively tackle the requirements of the modern application (e.g., IoT, Smart Cities, Blockchain, Health Informatics) on dealing with Big Data and performing efficient Big Data Analytics.

The aim of our group is to get engaged and to contribute to building the next generation of efficient, scalable, and insightful data systems. We love to build useful systems. If you have the same interest, please contact us.

We invite you to browse our website and learn more about our research and activities.



We are currently looking for motivated PostDoc, PhD students, and master students in the areas of Big Data management and Federated Learning. If you are interested to join our group, send us your application including a detailed CV, and publications to ahmed [dot] awad [at] ut [dot] ee & fears [dot] awaysheh [at] ut [dot] ee. Please use the title "Joining Data Systems Groups as "your target" @ UT" for your email message.

Big Data Resource Management & Networks: Taxonomy, Survey, and Future Directions

A recently published article by our colleague Feras M. Awaysheh in one of the highest impact factor journals in computer science: IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (IEEE COMST) [Impact Factor: 25.249,  Rank #1 in ICS), discussed the current challenges and future directions of big data deployment architectures.


Our Tutorial “Declarative Languages for Big Streaming Data: A database Perspective” and short paper “DISGD: A Distributed Shared-nothing Matrix Factorization for Large Scale Online Recommender Systems” have been accepted in The 23nd International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT'20).


Prof. Sherif Sakr (together with Prof. Angela Bonifati, Prof.  Alexandru Iosup and Dr. Hannes Voigt) have successfully organized the Dagstuhl Seminar on Big Graph Processing Systems. The group members Dr. Riccardo Tomassini and Mohamed Ragab have actively attended and participated in the seminar.   

Team members