Hazem Mamdouh (2020)


Hazem Mamdouh is a senior software engineer, he has been working in software development for 4 years for architecting, building and tuning performance for big scale projects using a variety of tools and technologies. Hazem got his BSc in Science in 2012. Despite his graduation from a biological department, he was interested in mathematical and logical thinking. He got a technical diploma in Open Source Technologies from Information Technology Institute (ITI). Currently, Hazem has completed his MSc degree at Nile University and the title of his thesis is "Automated Tuning for Deep Learning Networks".

Selected Publications
  • Hazem Kotb, Mohamed Elhelw, Sherif Sakr. AutoDLCon: An Approach for Controlling the Automated Tuning for Deep Learning Networks. Proceedings of The 6th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Computing Service and Machine Learning Applications. (IEEE BIGDATASERVICE'20), Oxford, United Kingdom