Hassan Eldeeb

PhD Student
J. Liivi 2, Tartu 50409, Estonia
Office No

Hassan Eldeeb got his BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Engineering from Tanta University, Egypt. He previously worked as a researcher for Wireless Research Center (WRC) and InnoTech Inc. During his work experience, Hassan developed mathematical optimization, indoor/outdoor positioning, data analysis, and machine learning projects. He worked in medical and transportation machine learning based systems. Hassan also worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Tanta in Egypt. His current research interests include Distributed machine learning, Deep learning, and Online Machine Learning.

Selected Publications
  • Hassan Eldeeb, Mohamed Arafa, and Mohamed T. Faheem Saidahmed. "Optimal placement of access points for indoor positioning using a genetic algorithm." 2017 12th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Systems (ICCES). IEEE, 2017.